In or around the second week of July, 2007 I received notice that a judgment was entered against my company by a uniform company, Lechner & Sons, (fka) A.W Zengeler through a Citation to Discover Assets. My company's (then) registered agent, Attorney Scott Dillner of Buikema, Hiskes, Dillner, O'Donnell & Marovich Ltd, located at 16231 Wausau Avenue in South Holland, Illinois; received all documentation pertaining to this case. It was his duty as the registered agent to ensure that I received this information. Scott Dillner failed at his job of attorney and Registered Agent of my company. I tried to prove to the judge that I was not served properly. I got notice of this lawsuit only after a judgment had been entered. My company never got truly got its day in court. Each time I would go to court, I would never get the opportunity to talk. I went up against several judges, Hyman, Gillespie, Sherlock, Gorman, Donnelly (yes, the same Thomas More Donnelly that I went before in my case against the Cook County Sheriffs.-Donnelly was on both cases at approx. the same time). I believe that is a conflict of interest. There was no way that Judge Donnelly could have remained partial in my case against the Cook County Sheriffs. He already had it out for me. He probably figured if I can't get you in one case, I will get you in another. All of the documents filed on behalf of my company as well as on behalf of Lechner & Sons are listed below.
This is just more of the corruption that plagues our court system.

Documents which the Registered Agent, Scott Dilner did not make sure we received in this lawsuit

Our first notice from Dillner (Citation to Discover Assets)

Ex-Parte Judgment entered by Judge Joyce Marie-Murphy Gorman

Our Initial Response to Judgment (9/5/2007)

Court Orders Entered in Case

Notice to Scott Dillner (10/5/2007)

Motion For Re-Hearing Pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/2-1203 (12/9/2007)

Defendant's Short Reply to Plaintiff's Response in Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Re-Hearing (1/3/2008)

Motion to Enter Judgment Against a Third Party (1/2/2008)

Judge Gorman tried to hold me in contempt of court for trying to enter a judgment against Scott Dillner, it was his negligence that caused my company not to receive proper notice of this lawsuit. Receiving notice only after a default judgment was entered was not proper or professional on his part as an attorney. It is the judge's job to remain impartial, but again, here's another example of a judge who was not. You can probably count on one hand, the number of judges who truly do remain impartial. Judge Gorman claimed that my Motion to Enter Judgment Against a Third Party was improper. She had it stricken and I was admonished not to bring what she calls "improper" motions. My motion was not improper, you can read it for yourself (the link is directly above this paragraph).

Judge Gorman's Order Denying Judgment Against Scott Dillner (1/3/2008

Response to Judge Donnelly's Order to Show Cause (3/10/2008)

Notice of Intent to Appeal and Extension of Time