Secrets of the 200 MPG Carburetor is a techincal expose of the world's auto makers written and copyrighted in 1980 by Allan Wallace. This fact filled book tells us the public what the auto makers, the government and the world's oil suppliers don't want us the consumer to know. His book says on page 1, "One in six people who work in this country depend directly on the automotive industry for their paychecks and who knows how many depend on the oil industry.  If only the oil companies could only sell half as much gasoline next month as they sold last month they would certainly have to fire one hell of a lot of people to keep from paying out that huge payroll for which they would not have the money." America's dependence on oil is a threat to our national security and our economy.  If the world's automotive makers would use the ideas that are in this book, the economy would be in a better condition than it is now.

The auto makers have caused this problem and now they are looking to the government for help in a bailout plan. Democratic congressional leaders want to tap the $700-billion Wall Street rescue package for new loans to U.S. auto manufacturers and suppliers, but the White House and GOP lawmakers say the beleaguered industry shouldn't get any new funds. President George W. Bush and GOP lawmakers instead propose diverting $25 billion in loans approved by Congress in September - designed to help auto manufacturers retool their factories so they can make more fuel-efficient vehicles - to cover the firms' immediate financial woes.  But auto executives, backed by leading Democrats, insist they need another $25 billion in emergency loans to avert a collapse of one or more of their companies before year's end. That would bring the total federal help for the industry to $50 billion this year. Don't we all agree that this so- called "bail out money" could go to fund something else, like jobs or healthcare. First it was the banks and now the auto makers. The banks control the government.