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 Eugene Wzorek, a former City of Chicago truck driver is the only person to ever win a Shakman decree case against the City of Chicago has documented proof that a supervisor of Federal District court reporters, the City of Chicago and its attorneys willfully engaged in a scheme of altering the record of lower court proceedings, which caused a false and misrepresented record of proceedings to be filed and presented before the Appeals court. In spite of all of the evidence; the United States Department of Justice, the State of Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board, the FBI, the House of Representatives, various organizations, institutions, and even talk show hosts have either ignored him or have turned him down in his quest to expose the corruption. He has the proof that the Shakman Decree is a sham and how the Shakman Decree is used for illegal political hiring, but NEVER used for illegal political firings.

The federal court here in Chicago, Illinois is a cesspool of corruption. A significant majority of the judges in this system are co-conspirators with a host of others who work together to deny justice and fairness. It is not only federal court, but the same happens in county court as well, in fact probably more often especially in the Cook County Circuit Court, from the Chief Judge Timothy Evans to the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Dorothy Brown down to the Cook County Sheriff Deputy courtroom bailiffs.

Justice is virtually impossible to receive in Illinois due to the fact of all of the fraud and corruption that is taking place right up under unsuspecting taxpayers. People are afraid to fight for what our forefathers gave their lives for, our Constitutional rights. People are too quick to give up, they figure I am just one person what can I do? Well guess what if everyone thought the same as you, we'd all be in trouble. What make this country so insidious is the fact that our Government have brainwashed the citizens of the good old USA that they have rights, that they are protected against tyranny and that the accused have a right to a FAIR and IMPARTIAL trial and are INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY. What has been uncovered in the evidence of Eugene Wzorek's case and in Linda Achor's book, DEATH OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM contradicts absolutely everything that the government wants us to believe.
Please read for yourself, this is enough to bring the judicial system as a whole to a standstill. From audiotapes being stolen from the Dirksen Federal Building to transcripts being altered to forged signatures, what more do people need....wake up America! 
Below is a list of the characters who were involved in the Wzorek case, some were city workers, his attorneys, others were Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago at the time of his case. If you don't believe, then give them a call and ask them.
1. Harry A. Schroeder- attorney (708) 747-4700 
2. Terrance Mitchell- attorney (708) 748-9030 
3. Bernard Mulvaney, Sr. (708) 671-2000 
4. John Lewe Gubbins- attorney DISBARRED since 1992
5. Linda Friedman- attorney (312) 431-0888 
6. Thomas M. Arnett- attorney (773) 235-0711 
7. Mark LeRoy Lefevour- attorney (312) 368-4554 
8. James Michael Chesloe -attorney (708) 579-5353 
9. Darka Papushkewych-former Corporation Counsel for City of Chicago. (773) 801-1491 
10. Yona Brock- former Corporation Counsel for City of Chicago.
11. Steven Shobat- attorney (312) 353-2118 
12. Michael John Crowley (Not authorized to practice law)
13. Mary Leone Smith- former Corporation Counsel for City of Chicago (Not authorized to practice law) (773) 973-9972 
14. Charles Elliot Ex- former Corporation Counsel for City of Chicago, now employed by the United States Attorney's office (NDIL) (312) 353-5300 
15. Lawrence Rosenthal- former Corporation Counsel for City of Chicago, now employed by Chapman University School of Law (Orange, CA). He stole the audio tapes. (714) 628-2650 
16. Terence Moran  (312) 580-0100 
17. Fred L. Foreman- former attorney. Currently Lake County, IL Judge (847) 377-3600
18. Carol Matz
19. Cheryl Young-Supervisor Federal Court Reporters (NDIL) (312) 435-5885
20. Lois LaCorte-Federal Court Reporter (NDIL) (312) 435-5558
21. Shona Glink (312) 263-0272 
22. Theresa Pintozzi- Federal Court Reporter (NDIL)
23. Dolores Brennan- Federal Court Reporter (NDIL)
24. Gordon Arnett- attorney (deceased)
25. Claudia Oney - attorney (312) 540-1900 
26. John Lucille- Wzorek's former supervisor
27. Dr. Charles Pouillon-former City personnnel chief
28. Ron Goorski
29. William Summerfield
30. Eugene M. Barnes
31. Ray Watewski
32. John Waiter
33. Thomas E. Krupa
34. Joseph Fresek
35. Joe Myron
36. Mr. Wasilewski
37. Mr. Yellen
38. Ned Madia
39. William McDermott
40. Mr. Molaro
41. Mr. Swinarski
42. Mr. Kevs
43. John Weidner
44. Gregory Benas
45. Bernard Earl Young
46. Karen Winfield- H.A.L.T
47. Dr. Jan Fawcett
48. Mrs. Brotherson
49. Ray Dudzinski
50. Charles Nicodemus- Chicago Sun Times
51. Jim Gibbons- ABC Channel 7 Chicago News
52. Alex Burkholder- WLS (ABC 7) News
53. Linda Freeman
54. Boston Globe
55. Edward Quigley (former Commissioner City of Chicago)
56. Jonathan Siner-attorney (312) 827-5677 
57. Arthur N. Christie-attorney (deceased)
58. Mary Stowell- attorney (312) 431-0888 
59. James D. Montgomery- attorney (312) 977-0200 
60. Donald Hubert-attorney (deceased)



Rough Draft (Mayor Daley and Corporation Counsel Questions that remain unanswered by Steven Becker - Notes by one of Wzorek's attorney's, the late Gordon Arnett)

Lawrence Rosenthal was Deputy Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago's Corporation Counsel's Counseling, Appeals and Legal Policy Department, where he was on the case of Eugene Wzorek. (see the transcripts below)  He graduated from the prestigous Harvard Law School. (Is this where he was taught to lie, cheat and steal??) He clerked for Judge Prentice Marshall of the United States District for the Northern Disctrict of Illinois and Justice John Paul Stevens of the United States Supreme Court. He was Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois , specializing in organized crime and public corruption prosecutions. (He should have been prosecuting himself). He blatantly checked out the audiotapes in the Wzorek case and never returned them, which constitutes theft. We urge everyone to call Rosenthal at (714) 628-2650 or email him at @ and ask him why did he steal the audiotapes, allowing fraud upon the court to be performed!

Click here for a view of Lawrence Rosenthal, currently a professor at Chapman University in Orange, California

The Shakman Consent Decree- Explained

                  In order to explain what the Shakman Consent Decree is, we have to go all the way back to the beginning, to explain why it became necessary to implement it into law in the first place.

                  It all started in the early fifties, at the time Martin H. Kennelly was mayor of Chicago.  Kennelly was ready to run for re-election. At the time, most city workers were city employees.  Only a few workers were civil service.  However, all union workers were civil service.  Kennelly, realized that this system of firing employees, when a new administration came into power was unfair, and also illegal because, it violated the workers Constitutional rights.  The Constitution states that every man has the right to earn a living.

                 Kennelly also realized that hiring workers for patronage was grossly unfair to the taxpayers as well who, also had the right to those city jobs.  According to the Constitution, every man has a right to vote for whomever he chooses.  Patronage undermines that, by forcing city workers to campaign, vote and support the politicians that had given them their jobs.

                  In order for a worker to keep his job, that worker had to voted and support whomever the Democratic machine chose. It was Mandatory.  All family members of the worker were expected to cast their votes the same way.  They had to vote the way their family members that worked for the city told them to vote, it was their way of helping them to keep their jobs.  So with every city worker came at least six votes for the crooked politicians, to guarantee that they remain in office, whether they did a good job for the taxpayer's or were as corrupt as hell.

                    Now lets sit back and think about this for a while shall we: There are fifty-thousand city workers in the city of Chicago, now factor in six registered voting reletives per worker, compelled to vote for the corrupt politicians who gave you your patronage job, now thats three-hundred thousand votes that are guaranteed yours if your one of the Democratic machines candidates.  Now factor in the money generated by kick-backs that these workers are compelled to give back to the politicians.  Now lets factor in the thousands upon thousands of dollars in fund-raising tickets that have to be sold by the city workers and handed over to these corrupt politicians. Now for the icing on the cake factor in the thousands of hours of free labor that these workers have to put in, canvassing for votes, knocking on doors to register new voters, building and putting up campaign signs.  You're a cinch to be elected over some poor boob that has to pay for all these things on their own.

                    A good example of this was the February, 2003 election for Mayor of Chicago.  This was a primary election, however, Old Richard Daley won it with ease, Daley received 300,000 votes to win the primary.  Reverend Paul Jakes got 64,000 votes and a woman named Pat McCalister received 24,000 votes, there was no Republican challenger in the race.  Now lets examine this for a second shall we. Now there are three million people in Chicago, so that means that less than 400,000 came out to vote!  That also means that Daley with his corrupt little self actually won with the votes of his patronage workers and their families.  Remember I told you that 300,000 votes generated from the patronage workers and their families.  So what do we have there?  Daley won using taxpayers money, he was a shoe in.  Poor Reverend Jakes didn't receive millions in kick-backs from the city workers and their fund-raising abilities.  Reverend Jakes couldn't appear on television to campaign by sharing his views and ideas with the voters of Chicago. He couldn't afford that luxury, neither could poor Pat McCalister.  Naturally Daley refused to debate them, he always does. Why should he give them their only opportunity to have their views be heard by the voters.

                     Daley made sure their voices were silenced. Now think about this over two and a half million people stayed home, only the patronage workers and their families voted, with the exception of the  people who voted for McCalister and Jakes.  Daley didn't have to bother campaigning for the regular election.  Since there wasn't any Republican running against him for Mayor, Daley automatically became Mayor for another term after the primary.  Talk about heads you win tails you lose.  That's patronage at its best, get the picture as to why it's so dangerous to our democracy.

                     Now getting back to our story of Kennelly.  He realized that because of this unconstitutional patronage system, and remembers this was back in the fifties, workers that were really qualified for certain positions were actually denied those positions.  It wasn't a case of what you knew but who you knew that qualified you for any city job.  Only friends, family, and campaign contributors friends and families of the administration that was in power need apply.

                   The qualifications were only to be loyal subjects to the politicians that could snatch their jobs away in a heartbeat.

                    If for instance, they were not satisfied with the number of $500-a-plate fund-raising tickets that a city worker sold, your job was history.  If you were unable to find a patsy to purchase those ten $500-a-plate tickets you were instructed to sell you were required to pay the money and buy them yourself, and if that worker had the audacity to balk at having to pay for them or any kick-backs to keep their jobs their days of working for the city were numbered.  If that same worker didn't knock on enough doors giving out campaign literature, or register enough new voters, he could kiss his juicy job goodbye. 

                    The clincher was that, even if the worker did all those things that were required of him but unfortunately this candidate lost or died before being re-elected into office, and a new administration took over, loyal workers or not, their jobs were gone.  It was now time for the new administrations supporters and campaign workers to reap the rewards as pay-back for getting the new administration elected into office.  For years the city workers accepted this type of treatment, even though its grossly unfair and illegal because the workers were kept in the dark about how the city was violating their Constitutional rights engaging in this type of activity. 

                    The city workers were virtual slaves, who owned their very existence and therefore alliance to the crooked politicians, not to the taxpayers that actually paid their salaries and were the only ones that deserved their alliance.  Their salaries were high for a reason, they had to kick-back a lot of money and devote a lot of man hours, not working on the jobs that they were initially hired to do but, their main objective was to insure the re-elections of the crooked politicians they owed their jobs to.  So in essence what patronage really does is allow politicians that'll play ball with each other in oder to fleece the taxpayers dollars by working in unity with other crooked politicians in other areas of public office as say other organized crime members do.  And patronage allows them to use our taxpayer dollars to enable them to accomplish this. Not a bad scam.

                    Every election, each city worker was required to cough up $1,000 if your job was more prestigious, it could be $5,000-$10,000.  If a worker is out sick for a day, he would find to his surprise that on his check he'd notice that he had been paid for that entire day he was absent, what a great bunch of guys he thought.  However he was soon to find out that he was expected to kick-back hailf of that days wages back to them, the worker did however get to pay all the taxes to government on the full days wages himself, he didn't  have to share that privilege.  So who made out on that deal?  There's a huge amount of money embroiled in this scheme, let me tell you it adds up to quite a sum of money generated to get those shiftless politicians re-elected.  Not to mention all that free taxpayer slave labor they have going for them.

                    Lets say for example a good honest qualified person wanted to run for office in the City of Chicago a person that wanted to do right for the hard working taxpayers but that person thats seeking this office is not a member or relative of the organized crime politicians that are now part of the Daley Democratic Machine thats set in place in Chicago for over 50 years.  If the organized crime clout politicians take a liking to you and take you under their wing, well thats no good either because then your beholden to those syndicate bastards and become a member of their outfit.  Now here you are with all your integrity intact, ethics intact, but that same person thats seeking this office hasn't the money to pay for television exposure and hasn't the influx of manpower to reach the public to allow them to know him and his credentials.  Because of patronage the good honest guy will never get a chance to be known to the taxpayers of Chicago.  Because pf patronage the taxpayers of Chicago will never have the benefit of an individual like that representing the city of Chicago.  Thats why the taxpayers are so disgusted. All they are allowed to choose from are recycled hoodlums, or their disgusting kids that they push to replace them to keep the gravy train rolling.  Sickening is it? Now you can understand why Daley boasted about winning by a landslide that his father of his taught him so well. Ive got news for Daley those 300,000 votes you received came from your patronage workers and their families and they have to vote for you don't they?

                    What this is in essence is, bribery at elections, buying votes. Political appointees also fall under this category.  Thats why patronage is so insidious, its like a fast-spreading cancer that leads all the way to the presidency. Think about it!! Political appointees are given top positions because of their sizable contributions not caring about their qualifications.  Sometimes endangering the citizens of the United States in the process.